Alucinod version 1.02 - Puzzle fixes and back end structural changes

Version 1.02



  • Pillars puzzle in Zone 4 has been redesigned. I liked the idea of a chaotic puzzle room that had pillars poking in from every direction, but the first version felt very poorly thought out, with little actual direction and very arbitrary placement of virtually every element. The new version is much clearer, simpler and I think captures the idea much more effectively.
  •  Crate-gate puzzle in Zone 3 has been cleaned up a little and given a little more room to breathe. It felt very tight and difficult to move and see what was doing what, so I've given a bit more room and set up the puzzle so that everything is a bit more intuitive in what it affects.
  • Sawtooth puzzle in Zone 3 has been simplified. I'm not sure I'm done with this one yet, but I simplified the solution somewhat. Before it felt very arbitrary in the path you had to take back and forth to move the boxes forward. This detracted from the primary idea of the puzzle.
  • A small change to the entrance to the bridge puzzle in Zone 2. There was an unintended solution that bypassed what the puzzle was meant to teach you. I may end up using that unintended solution later in a different puzzle as it was kind of interesting (thanks V3r3y T1r3d)

Back end

  • The game now streams levels from disk instead of doing a hard load, freezing until the load has finished. For now, assuming I haven't broken something, this doesn't change much about the experience, outside of maybe slightly faster load times. It does set the groundwork so that I can in the future entirely mask the transitions from area to area, meaning you don't stop to load outside of the initial game start or restarting the game entirely.
  • Hitting retry from the menu should be more or less instantaneous. Before it would unload and reload the level. Now it just syncs everything to the last checkpoint without loading anything from disk.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems at all with saving, loading, retry, or transitioning from area to area. This is actually quite a large change that more or less required rewriting a lot of how the way the game handles all of that. Also, I'd be interested in and differences in performance or load time. I wouldn't think there's much, but if there is, well, it's good information to have.

Minor changes

  • The player should move and fall at the same rate even if your framerate drops below 30. While the game is absolutely intended to be played at 60 or higher, if you're willing to play at below 30, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to.
  • Fixed some minor audio popping issues with gates.
  • The splash screen will now hold for at second or until the game has finished loading, whichever is longest, then fade whenever you give input. Before it would often flash on then immediately drop as you pressed something while it was still loading.
  • Some minor changes were made to the glass and light materials.


Alucinod 1 .02 - Windows 64 bit
120 days ago
Alucinod 1.02 - Windows 32 bit
120 days ago

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