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It's been a while since I updated Alucinod or posted any news so I figured I should just give a heads up as to what is happening. No, it hasn't been abandoned, I'm still making steady progress with the game. Unfortunately, I haven't had any particularly stable builds or relatively complete versions to post. I don't like posting broken or incomplete builds (even though the most recent build uploaded has several mistakes that make me uncomfortable to see people encounter).

So, what have I been working on? Well, outside of the initial game load, the game has become almost entirely load screen free. There is still one cut to black, but I'm going to try and use some trickery to mask it so that at no point in the game are you not in control in one way or another. It's not being used for loading purposes, but more for level layout issues, so I should be able to work around that. The game has also been broken down into smaller sections that can be loaded or unloaded as needed, meaning it should be a little bit more efficient now. I haven't noticed a big difference on my end, but it might help some.

I've also been reworking the last 20% or so of the game. The ending/alternate ending area felt a little weak, and it was splitting content into two when the game already felt somewhat light on content. I've changed and combined the two into one large section that feels a bit stronger. It still needs polish, but this way people are more likely to actually find it and play it.

There's also been a lot of little things, a couple puzzle reworks and on and on, but mostly what I talked about above. Just a whole lot of incredibly frustrating bugs and mistakes, but it's getting there. The structural work is all done, and should probably have a build ready within a week assuming nothing catastrophic happens. The ending area won't be complete but it'll be there to explore at the very least.

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