New version - Rebindable keys, some puzzle fixes, and more

Version 1.01

  • Keyboard and mouse input can now be rebound in the pause menu. Gamepad cannot yet be rebound, but that should be ready for the next update.
  • A few small puzzle changes to account for problems and unintended solutions.
  • Some changes have been made to saving and loading. This should fix the problems with boxes not properly loading their positions. Unfortunately, this will also likely make save files from 1.0 a little strange, resuming you outside the world or shuffling boxes. Starting a new game will override the old save if you have problems.
  • A certain hidden feature has been optimized somewhat and should be about 20-30% faster.
  • The pause menu should now smoothly handle changing from mouse input to keyboard/gamepad input and back again.
  • A general polish pass has been made over the menu.
  • Small changes have been made to the initial game launch. This should make it more consistent and less prone to errors.

Nothing huge has changed, mostly a polishing update here. I'm still not particularly happy with the ending. The primary ending needs to be refined and expanded, and the alternate endings need to be reworked. That's mainly what I'm working on at the moment. Thanks for playing, and thanks for any feedback you've given or will give. It all helps.

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